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About: Chalkdust

Jake Phillips is a new teacher with a lot to learn.

He became a teacher because there were no other jobs available...

But, this assignment could send him back to the unemployment line.

He spends every day in front of classroom #206, home of the most outspoken, independent, and irreverent group of kids Lower Tockameekie Middle School has ever seen.

Will Jake make it to summer vacation, or will his class send him running for the hills?

Let's just say, one's more likely than the other.

About: Bruce Alderfer

I am a 26 year old T.V. news producer living in Harrisburg, PA.

I have been cartooning all of my life, and recently decided to return my cartoons to a public forum. The launch of "Chalkdust" is my first foray into published cartooning since my college comic strip, "Sinking Ship."

Any ideas or suggestions you have about the strip are appreciated! Please contact me at the email link below.

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